How Travellers to the US Can Get COVID Tests Abroad

How Travelers to the US Can Get COVID Tests Abroad? Are you heading to the US from abroad and looking for an appointment for getting the covid-19 test before the departure? Well, covid-19 testing has ramped up in the US and is made available including hotels and airports. Travel companies are helping international travelers to […]

How to Test for the Coronavirus? What are the Different Types of Tests?

There are several COVID-19 tests you can take. Which one is the most appropriate for you? Find out here and understand how you can get tested for the virus. Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that cause mild to severe respiratory illness. The symptoms of coronavirus include – high fever, cold, cough, chest pain, […]

What to Know About Getting Tested for the Coronavirus before Travel

Are you traveling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? Here is all you need to know about getting tested for coronavirus before travel!   The outbreak of coronavirus has taken the world by storm and changed the lives of many. The pandemic continues to pose severe challenges to global health in several countries. With many states in […]